An initiative by the Centre for New Economics Studies, O.P. Jindal Global University to engage students in the spirit of "knowing" to expand the breadth of their intellectual knowledge.


Courses that set you apart from the rest

Live-online on weekends

Students and early career professionals can enroll in our month long courses that run on the weekends to get a further edge. All the classes will be online and live.

Open up new opportunities

Study the contemporary topics in economics, political science and international relations that assist you in exploring more academic and career options.


A personalised and interactive online learning experience that helps you to think, analyse, discuss and debate. Each session will be collaborative and participative.

Small Batches

Study in small cohort of 30-40 students where each student is given personal attention. Professors will guide you through various interactive activities. 

Learn from the experts

Get access to diplomats, academicians and professors who are experts in their respective fields. An extensive personal/ feedback session at the end of the course.

Get certified

Earn a certificate by the Centre for New Economics Studies, Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities, Jindal Global University.

Choose us if....

  • You want to endeavour to gain knowledge and enhance your skill set.
  • You aspire to engage with the best minds in diversified fields.
  • You aim to expand your career opportunities.

Please note that certificates are awarded to the participants who meet the required attendance criteria. 

Discounts for you!

50% discount for three paid registrations for students from the same publicly funded institution.

30% discount for 5 or more paid registrations for students from the institutions.

20% discount for 3 paid registrations for students from the same institutions.

To access the coupon code write to us at or reach out to us at +91 9971746341

Contact us:

Write to us at

Call at  +91 9797446970 (10 am-5pm, Monday-Friday).

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